Fox in Snow. Auction. Here’s the link for the third painting in the Daily Paintworks Auction. Feel free to go and have a look, if you want! The first painting I posted a couple of days ago has had a good number of views, so far, the second one a fair amount of views and I am happy to note that both have had some comments. So now this one will join them….. No bids yet, but, it’s early days as I set each one to auction for 7 days….can I really bear the suspense?! I hope so.


Auctioning continues…

So today finds me going through the whole process of uploading to the Daily Paintworks auction, again. Second time around is a little easier – hubby is coaxing me to do more of it for myself!! I just realized that I have not showed this particular painting to anyone at all – yet. You may think that you saw it before, but, actually, you didn’t, the one I showed before was the impasto version….WAY more texture, less detail, looser…..that one will have its turn at a later date. This one is for those who like less physical texture and more actual brushwork.

Here’s the link to the auction and please, feel free to share it with anyone you may know who could be interested in snowy landscapes! Thanks! I really do appreciate all the lovely support and encouragement from Blogland AND Facebook! 🙂

Sunrise for Sale…..

OK folks, I’m DOING it! After several days of wrestling about with Daily Paintworks website, Hubby and I have managed to get my first piece up and ready for auction.

This post is to connect it to my blog…, bear with me and let’s hope it works! As I said earlier, I painted 11 snow pictures to auction on Daily Paintworks, so, this is me, following through. Please feel free to visit and check it out and tell me what you think…as always, your comments, support and advice are all really welcome to me 🙂


Dragons Do Exist!

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.” ~ Ursula K LeGuin.

Yes it’s true, the world is full of dragons! Some are big and some are small, but most are not visible to the naked eye. Ignore them and they will gnaw at you from the inside, leaving a hollow shell – Must be true, Ursula said it! The dragon is a powerful metaphor in our modern world, for sure and may well be gnawing and burning at the inner tissues of our society, as we speak!

I drew this in white chalk on black paper, as the other part of my homage to Ursula LeGuin. She has many very quoteable and wise sayings. As soon as I had let this picture come out of my mind, down my arm and on to the paper, another idea came to me….wouldn’t it be awesome to draw it REALLY BIG and then draw a really tiny, ancient, old and lovely little Ursula, sitting on a chair at a desk, writing….whilst that huge dragon loomed quietly behind her? ….Maybe I WILL………

In Memory of Ursula ~ 1929 – 2018

I did this pencil portrait of Author Ursula K LeGuin. She’s been on my mind lately because she recently passed away, at the grand old age of 88. I so admire her for living by her craft, pretty much for her whole lifetime, and that she spoke her mind about many things, including the state of the publishing industry and especially that she wrote the very awesome “Earthsea” series that fed my imagination as a teenager.

Her work on this earth is now complete and it would take a dedicated reader to read ALL of it!

I might make a series of these on her because when I was choosing a reference photo I noticed that there were a good many on her from when she was a young author onwards and I am very interested in age progression and what it does to a persons facial features and what changes and what stays the same. When I look at this rather quick and sketchy pencil portrait of her, I can so easily see the young Ursula underneath! That’s the beauty of having artists eyes, I suppose!

I’ve been rather slow to post, this week, because I have been setting up my Daily Paintworks account……more on that soon! I hope this Sunday finds you all mellow and relaxed and ready to take on another Monday morning in the near future! 🙂

The Last of The Snow…..

This is the last one of my snow pictures – Tyler Park – I bet you’re all starting to feel that you know this place! This is actually a painting of the main area of the park that uses the same reference as one I did in NuPastels a while ago…. a post in December called,  “Snow and Ice at Tyler”

This one has an impossibly Ultramarine Blue Sky and the branches are lit by the sinking sun. Skeletal old branches against the sky, loooong blue snow shadows interspersed with patches of bright light and the tantalizing combination of swirly ice patterns and still, reflected patches of water. It is interesting to me how different this place is in the depths of winter compared to the crowded throng of people you will find here in the height of summer.

Now that I am all done with my snowy self-challenge I am working on getting them all photographed and uploaded to Daily Paintworks ( ) and yes, for anyone who knows of its existence, this is also a time to add new material to my fledgling Redbubble ( )site and get to grips with attaching it to this blog….wish me luck, I see a LOT of tech wrestling in my near future! 🙂

Naples Yellow; A Winter Warmer!

Today is the last day of my month of painting snow and I am finding myself very ready for a change of subject! This painting is number 11 of what looks like being 13 paintings for the month – Wow, didn’t know I had THAT many in me! They are only small, but this has been a month where I have painted my heart out, for sure!

I had a real struggle with this one, for a while – the light seemed dull and the water was not working out. Then I had an “Aha”, moment where I decided to use some Naples Yellow in the background, for the late afternoon sun, catching on the trees as it sank down – behind the viewer. THAT did the trick! Suddenly everything started to come together, the water glimmered and there it was – Tyler State Park, the main view that is known and loved by so many (though mostly in the summer months!)

Secretly, I want to keep this one – But, I’m going to put it in the Daily Paintworks Auction, nonetheless….Perhaps no one will buy it?!

Acrylic on 8″x 10″ canvas, mid-tone ground of Ultramarine and Titanium White. Ivory Black, Raw Umber a tiny touch of Cad Yellow in the snow and NAPLES YELLOW….. 🙂

“The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep….”

Some of you might recognise this verse from Robert Frosts famous poem. It usually echos through my mind on days like the one in this picture! This one is number nine in my personal challenge to produce ten small paintings and then auction them on Daily Paintworks – I’m feeling excited that the end of this challenge is almost there, the end of the month and it looks like, although I have a couple of these that actually I am planning to keep, I might just have produced more than ten….could be thirteen!!

The end of the painting part of the challenge is almost there – BUT then comes the techwrestling and squirmy part of putting these products of my hours of love and beautiful zone time on the market to receive a label of monetary value from the global community of original art buying public. This part is THE challenge, but every artist needs to put themselves ‘out there’ at some point, if we ever want to make any viable income at this pursuit, that is!

This one is a little further along the same nature trail at Tyler State Park from the subject of the Impasto I mentioned in my last blog post. Similar, limeted palette, too. The main difference is that I added in a figure – my youngest daughter, walking down the trail in front of me. She could be anyone’s kid, a mid-childhood, heavily wrapped up, snow boots squeaking, mid-sized person….boy or girl, even….I like the ambiguity of the view from the back, it leaves you free to imagine the rosy-cheeked face of your own choice.

But what do YOU think? I found it very interesting to read people’s thoughts and comments on “The Seussian Snow Glove” – there were quite a few of those! Thank you! I didn’t know it was going to evoke so much thought!! Does this one make you think and feel anything? 🙂

Tyler Park: Impasto

This one is number eight of my batch of ten paintings to auction online (and I can tell you now that I have already got ten finished and there are 3 more in progress that should be finished by the end of the month – the deadline that I set myself). For this one I decided to venture into impasto technique again.

So instead of using a regular stretched canvas, I opted for an 8″ x 10″ canvas panel as they are more able to stand up to the scratching and scraping of a palette knife. My favourite thing about Impasto is the ability to get textural effects in the paint and I had a ball with the snow in the foreground and also the bark of the foremost trees. I’m learning that it is good to have a session of this and then leave it for a few days and go back when all is dry and add more, on top. Sometimes it is good to put on a layer and let it semi-dry, and then take it off quite a bit so the stuff beneath shows through, but, I didn’t seem to need too much of that this time.

I also like how Impasto inhibits my ability to add detail – That really speeds things up and makes me pick out what is important and what isn’t! I used Golden Heavy Body Acrylics for this one, they are readily available around here because they are made in New York. They have a good amount of body and don’t need any molding paste added – not a bad way to go for a small painting! Colours used were: Titanium White, Ultramarine, Bone Black, Neutral Gray N7 and just a touch of CP Cad Yellow Medium. I started with a mid-tone of Ultramarine and Titanium White, the background was somewhat brushed in and then I finished up with my trusty little #6 small knife for all that foreground texture and the trees.

Are you tired of all this snow?! Don’t worry – just six more days to go! 🙂

Frozen Neshaminy Creek, at Tyler.

This one is the next in my series of snow paintings, Number seven, Neshaminy Creek at Tyler State Park, (at the point where it flows under the causeway.) What I learned this time was that it is pretty hard to get this much detail on an 8 x 10″ canvas without a good deal of work! Still, it was fun to get a small brush and have a go and I really wanted it to be recognizable as the creek at Tyler, especially as the creek was looking very unlike itself that day with all that ice!

Like all of this series, this is Acrylic on an 8″ x 10″ canvas. This time it was prepped with a mid-tone of Windsor and Newton Cobalt Blue and Titanium White Pro Series, and a touch of Violet Iron Oxide. Other colours include Cad Yellow and Ivory Black.

Phew! I’m painting these faster than I can blog – I have two more finished and waiting to be blogged about and two more on the easel! My plan is to be done with snow by the end of the month and then figure out how to auction them…..It’s the 24th today, so I have about a week and three more to do….. 🙂