And Here’s The Other One……

This one is also for auction on Daily Paintworks. Click on the link if you want to see it and/or the contents of my online gallery.

The title is “Green Gold and Lemon Yellow” which refers to the two tubes of paint I used the most for the leaves, Golden Paints Green Gold, which is one of the few greens that I will actually use straight out of the tube and Windsor and Newton’s Lemon Yellow, a yellow that leans towards green on the colour wheel and consequently works really well with the Green Gold.

I am pretty pleased with the nice sunny feel that the pale yellow underpainting lends to this one – I hope someone out there takes a fancy to it and buys it! The subject here is our local state park, Tyler, which, as you might know by now, is a favourite subject with me and landscapes!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have had a good weekend 🙂



Daily Paintworks….Or, not so “daily”at the moment.

I’m sorry, you guys – I put this one up on Daily Paintworks to auction and just didn’t quite get around to blogging about it, last week. Anyway, hope you’ll forgive me – here’s the link if you want to go and look at it.

It’s called “Bluebells and Mayapples” and is slightly bent on exploring the whole deal about creating a feeling of sunlight where there wasn’t really any. It actually reminds me of that time of day when the sun is setting after a storm and it adds a whole lot of yellow light to the greens that is slightly on the unearthly side.

The heat of summer is upon me and while I am still finding some time to paint, I AM still struggling to be as productive as I would like. Trouble is, I am an English girl, through and through and I just do not thrive when the heat is on, here in Pennsylvania, USA. So, my habit of painting first thing in the morning is all well and good, BUT, I also find it competing a lot with things that I feel a need to do before the heat of the day comes up….UGH! This week it was treating my fence with a clear coat of whatever that stuff is that you use to treat fences Does summer do this to you in your part of the world? Painting in its most basic form, and hot and sticky to boot.

The heron found a new home.

Remember this one? This is the 16″ x 20″ acrylic painting I did of a Great Blue Heron on our local Pennypack Creek. It was fun to paint and came out of a handful of very inspired and in-the-zone painting hours. To conclude the story I am happy to say it was successfully auctioned on ebay, raising a good chunk of cash for the Loving Arms Mission Orphanage in Nepal and just today I sent it on its way to its new home! I so love it when a piece of my work does some good in the world!

As the heat gets hotter…….

A most interesting thing is happening as I work on my latest series of paintings! My overall intention was to cover the subject of spring and summer at our local State Park -Tyler. I started out with some bluebells, mist and sunny leaves and lately, well, I seem to have descended into DEEP shade. As the heat gets hotter, here in Pennsylvania, the shade in my paintings gets deeper!

This one was started on a canvas that was painted in a ‘mid’ tone of Ivory Black with a little Cad Yellow added, not really a ‘mid’ tone at all…..more of a Black Green, kind of a colour! It will be fun to see how this one turns out……

Stay cool, wherever you are in the world – I am thankful for central air and a coooool comfortable art studio to work in, right now! 🙂

“Great Blue, Spring Green….” Auction

Ebay does not let me paste a direct link to this painting so, if you want to view the auction please use the above link and look through the other items until you see it.

This one is an auction piece that is a little different to most – since it is being auctioned on ebay, and not by myself, or for my benefit but instead 100% for the benefit of the Loving Arms Mission. All proceeds will go to help an orphanage in Nepal and I happen to know that ALL the funds will be used to benefit those children because the orphanage is run by my husband’s cousin and has been for many years. You can read more about them at this link:

I painted this piece back in the early spring, inspired by that period of time when the leaves are just a haze of green on the trees and the grass hasn’t really started to grow and all around is a bit bare and open. A time when the sun is strong and warm on your back and the breeze still a little chilly. One of those days when you actually go outside and it feels really GOOD and there is a strong sense of new awakening and birds chirping and the creek looks cold and sparkly and then…..just out there in the creek, you spot a Blue Heron, just standing there, motionless, caught in the act of minding his own business and looking for his dinner. That’s what this picture is trying to capture, that special moment, an intimate view into the world of nature that noisy humans do not see, unless they venture, quiet and alone, into the warm sun and soft sparkle of a spring afternoon.

The canvas measures 16″ x 20″ and comes already framed in a black ‘floater’ frame and varnished with two coats of gloss W&N varnish. It is acrylic and uses a limeted palette of Ivory Black, Titanium White, Cobalt Blue and Green Gold – there was a touch of cad red and yellow ochre around the herons beak, if I remember rightly….might be hard to see from where you’re sitting. My original photographic reference did not include a Great Blue Heron….I added that in, based on a wonderful photograph provided by a talented photographer friend named Alison Larsen (Many thanks, Alison!)

Herons are special.


“Leaves and Sunshine”

This link will take you to the Daily Paintworks auction for this painting….WooHoo, I posted up two paintings on there, two days in a row…. I MUST truly be a “Daily Painter”!!! Just kidding – I already know I don’t have a painting ready to go up for tomorrow – the one I am currently working on is not cooperating with me….Grrr!

I don’t have time to blather on about this painting as I just did that in the “notes” section on Daily Paintworks….If you are curious, follow the link and read more. The thing I really like about this one is that you can see the sun, but you can’t specifically see the sky…there just isn’t any blue up there….but, you can feel that it’s there, regardless… or is that just me??? How does this painting make you feel?

As always, your thoughts and comments are most welcome!



A Change of Scenery….

So here we are in June, now, and I have finished with my ‘hand studies’ for the time being and started a new subject: Tyler State Park in the Spring. Here’s the link to the first painting “Virginia Bluebells at Tyler”.

I just posted it up on Daily Paintworks to auction, so, as always, feel free to go and have a look and also you can use the link to take a look at the other pieces in my gallery on there. I am hoping to be more productive with my daily painting now I have finished my self-imposed “Face a Day May” challenge – which, by the way I DID finish…I just got waaay behind on posting them up on social media….so, when I have some time, I will put some more up and blather on a bit about the experience…which was actually VERY educational, especially in the area of painting cute little baby faces! Stay tuned to hear more 🙂

Face a Day May….May 26th.

Yes, folks – I AM still going with this challenge. Today, being a holiday weekend, here in the US, I actually got to paint THIS for around 2 hours and then post it up as well….on the SAME DAY! Lot’s and lots of lovely zone time, for me!! Ahhh, it just feels so good to paint away and not have to worry about the time – or anything, really!

Hope YOU get to do something you love too, this weekend! 🙂


May 23rd Face

Doing them is the important part, right?! I AM still doing my daily faces….just not posting them all up…It is better to spend 1 hour and 15 minutes painting than 45 minutes painting, 20+ minutes taking a photo and picking the best one and cropping it AND then posting it up on the internet…. I just can’t do that…. I’m a human being, Sorry! 🙂

This is yesterday’s effort, a cute little newborn that turned out looking like a dolly….awww…. I’m getting quite a pile of ones I want to work more on later.

“So Shines A Good Deed”.

This one is the last in my series of hand studies. Here’s the link in case you want to bid on it or take a look around my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

Nine hand studies – Wow, I have definitely learned a LOT from these ones! But now I think it is time to move on to other subject matter. If you have been following my blog you might remember that I decided as part of my trial of Daily Paintworks as a venue to try to sell my work was that I was going to cover a number of different subjects, to try to get an idea of what sells and what doesn’t and also what I am capable of producing effectively and in reasonable speed on a small canvas.

I didn’t really intend to become a ‘featured artist’ on there whilst also doing my “Face a Day May” challenge! (and by the way, I AM still going with the faces….just haven’t found the time to post them up, lately…..Some massive catch-up is going to have to happen with those, soon! I will not give up on YOU “Face a Day”…….) It’s all good learning – next time I enter the monthly painting contest, I will be sure to do it at a time when I know I will be able to produce a good amount of work the following month….just in case. But I’m still pretty pleased with myself that I won anything, even if I am not using it terribly effectively

Anyway, the other upside to all this artistic shenanigins is; It’s makeing me post like a crazy person, here on my blog!!! This has been a HUGE month for blog visits, for me, because of it and because of YOU dear readers!! Well Done and thank you, I really appreciate all your visits, comments and followings… I can’t tell you how important my blogging community is to me 🙂