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Did You Miss Me?!….

I have been really struggling to find time for both art and blogging, lately! This often happens right after I do this particular challenge, partly because it makes my artists brain rather exhausted and partly because doing the challenge tends to make me put a number of things on the back-burner for the month of May and then, well, they don’t go away, so I have to catch up and do them – boring, everyday stuff like cleaning out the refrigerator, clothes shopping and weeding (Yes, we artists have to do all THAT stuff too, just like everyone else) Also a family member has been needing medical attention and will continue to, probably for some time yet – I don’t know if I want to blog about it right now, I might, I don’t know.

Anyway, this post is me, trying to get back on my horse, so to speak!

I DID find time to finish this face that was half-done on May 16th – My nephew. So I’m quite pleased about that.

One of the things I really enjoyed about doing this challenge and blogging about it so much was the wonderful sense of community and support that I got from my blog during that month. We don’t make art in a vacuum, community with like minded people is equally as important as community with potential customers and folk who just enjoy our art!  This year I have really enjoyed the regular and lovely support of Jenna from The Painted Apron and Emma from Donegal and Gower Artist – feel free to visit their blogs, both these ladies are established, insightful artists and bloggers whose company I really enjoy! Thanks go to both of them! Jon Amdall of Amdall Gallery is also a blogger who has become a friend and great source of support and encouragement – Jon is someone who has made astonishing progress in his drawing of faces and people over the last couple of years whilst candidly posting about his efforts and documenting his journey with fun anecdotes about his choices of subject (You might be interested to hear that he has even published a book on his art! ) Nice work Jon and thanks for your support!

I could spend a really long blog post thanking each and every person who posted thoughtful and lovely comments during this challenge, but, that would take a long time – there are so many of you! So, if YOU are one of these, THANK YOU! I hope you have enjoyed following this challenge and that you will all continue to follow my journey and keep me aware of your existence by the odd comment when you feel the urge to do so…. I do try my best to respond to ALL comments, but, in case you were wondering, I do so on my Laptop as I am one of that rare species of humans who continues to refuse to own a smartphone….so that can mean a longer time before I notice your comment, since the means of communication is not in my back pocket or under my pillow!

Happy Sunday, hope the weekend is going well for you!


6 replies to “Did You Miss Me?!….

  1. Thank you for the mention, Hilda – I appreciate the kind words about my transition from confused amateur to slightly less confused novice! I also I’m very glad for the advice and encouragement you’ve so freely given. That sort of thing is so incredibly valuable when you’re trying to learn as you go. So, thank you for the support you give to so many other bloggers. I can’t remember how I came across your blog, I’m assuming one of us found the other via the WP Reader. But I’m really glad that happened!

    Also, glad to see you’re almost recovered from the epic May challenge. It was quite a success in my opinion. I hope your family member’s recovery goes well and they’re feeling better soon.

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    1. You are most welcome, Jenna – and thank you for your kind thoughts, the illness is serious, but, a full recovery is expected, in time…..my return to regular blogging will be a sign that things are looking up and normality is returning to my family. Can’t wait!!! 🙂


  2. Finding time is the hardest part about art blogging. I’m working on week 3 of the challenge and it’s almost July!

    Looking forward to seeing more from you soon.


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