Still at the beach……

This week, I am STILL at that beach, in my head! The sparkly water picture from yesterday is almost a heavenly dream of Mersea. In contrast the picture I am posting today is about as real as it gets – sitting in coats, behind a wind break on a rather blustery day (in August!) drinking tea and holding down the page to sketch! Both these situations are a part of the whole and could even have occurred on the same day, because English summer is exactly this temperamental!

Today I have been working on a painting about beach huts, to early to talk about, really, but I am quite excited about it and just mulling over ideas and reference photos. Planning how to make it all work….hopefully!  Sometimes that’s the most exciting (and scary) part – when the idea has formed and there you sit, with the blank canvas in front of you and you can just….see….it…. that inspired idea, in your mind’s eye where it is so perfect, so full of promise and  just waiting to come out into reality!

This is my idea of a ‘great weekend’!…….I hope you are having a great weekend too! 🙂




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