Mersea Sparkles.

The Isle of Mersea is near my mother’s house, which is in Colchester, UK. My mother’s siblings have owned a beach hut on Mersea for many years. When we are visiting, we are fond of going down to Mersea and spending time at the beach – hanging out at “The Hut”, drinking tea, eating biscuits and visiting with whatever family members showed up that day. “The hut” is a kind of time capsule of the various beach equipment needed to comfortably spend a day at the beach.

It rains a lot in the UK and a rainy afternoon at the hut can easily end with a complete turn about of weather. The clouds part and the sun comes out and when it does, at that time of day, when the tide is in…..the sea just SPARKLES  as if a billion tiny jewels were floating on the waves!

This picture is of just such a moment.

NuPastel and Sennelier Soft pastels on Strathmore Pastel Paper. This is the first Pastel painting I have done of Mersea, I think and it has me wondering what this would look like in Acrylics?! I used a photographic reference because, well, pastels and beaches don’t mix very well and I have previously tried this kind of picture in water-colour and it just does not work, for me.  The right medium for the subject makes all the difference.

I bet you’re now wondering what a Mersea Beach Hut looks like???


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