Even Bloggers Need a Vacation!

I know I have been AWOL for a while ~ But, I’m back now! I was visiting family in the UK for almost 3 weeks and whilst I thought in my head, before I set off, that I would post on my blog whilst away, it just DIDN’T happen!

I did manage to do some art, however….mostly live sketching whilst chatting and visiting with various family members (The one above is of my daughter, doing the same thing, she and I both find art is good therapy when you’ve got jet-lag!)

I also managed to do a couple of plein aire water colour paintings – OK, so one of them was in my Mum’s conservatory, on a rainy day, looking out at her garden…that counts doesn’t it??

Lovely trip – nice to unwind and escape routine and just enjoy being in the moment.  I will be posting some more SOON, I promise! As much as I loved my vacation, it IS really good to be home, too…..Home is where the art is!!! (well, most of it, anyway! The Acrylic painting I did of the rain in Tyler State Park – previous post – I shoved that in my suitcase and I gave it to my Mum! She really loved it and was so pleased it gave me rather a lump in my jet-lagged throat!)

Hope you are all well – I am looking forward to having a wander around blogland and seeing what you have all been up to lately!






2 thoughts on “Even Bloggers Need a Vacation!

  1. Welcome back Hilda! 😊 Sounds like you had a nice vacation. I’m on a bit of a blogging vacation myself right now… trying to recover from a recent car accident. Nothing broken but needing time to heal. ❤️ Lovely drawing of your daughter. 🎨👍

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    1. Nice to hear from you, Jill, yes thanks it was a lovely and much needed break. I’m very sorry to hear you had a car accident and I wish you a very speedy recovery…life likes to throw us curve balls such as this, doesn’t it?!
      Take care!

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