“Rain Circles”

This is one of those paintings that got started a while ago, got put down for other things …..and….then sat for quite a while. Finally, I picked it up again and found I’d forgotten what I did… what colours I used….what I thought it needed….where my references were. The one benefit of all this was that I DID have fresh eyes and those eyes saw that the water turned out a whole lot better than I imagined it had when I last put it down. Eyes do that….don’t trust them!

This one is Acrylic on cotton duck canvas and the reference is from the nature trail at Tyler State Park. The water, in real life, was a sort of murky, mud-brown with only a slight hint of green, the circles on the water from the rain, barely visible and the crouching figure with the umbrella…well, she’s from grandma’s house in the UK and much younger than the Tyler reference! That’s what I like best in my art, making things ‘real’ that never actually happened, bending reality…. but….. just a little!

Hope you enjoyed the result!

And now back to work on this ones entirely different, but also rather the same, alternate reality!


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