The Girl With The Lantern ~ From The Cloud…….

A couple of days ago my trusty little laptop up and died….no warning, just went to turn it on and…stone…cold…dead. 😦 So, here I am, on a borrowed laptop, using some pictures I had, thankfully, previously saved to our ‘cloud’. I am just hoping that I did not lose anything important and that my lovely hubby can rescue the contents of my hard drive over the weekend….that’s what holiday weekends are for, right?!

“The girl with the lantern” is part of an ongoing theme of mine.  I have always been rather fascinated with the concept of fantasy art that leans towards the real world. The work of  Artists such as;Ted Nasmith, Alan Lee and John Howe around that inspiring work “The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien are a source of ongoing fascination and admiration, to me.

So when my youngest expressed a wish to pose for me in a long, flowing, elven type dress, complete with lantern – well – let’s just say I jumped at the chance, with bells on! Using my husbands fancy camera, we shot a whole lot of reference pictures that warm summers evening and I have been using them, off and on, ever since.  I just love this blurring of the lines between fiction and reality. I started out doing a few cameo type pictures, in conte pencil and then I moved on to something more adventurous, putting her on the beach as the sun set and with a rainbow up above….maybe a bit TOO adventurous and the result was not quite how I anticipated, but, it did wet my appetite to do more and it has made me look around for other suitable reference providing venues!

Having stumbled on this old file in my quest for reassurance that as much of my art memories are intact, I feel quite an urge to revisit this subject, perhaps in acrylics?! It may have to wait for a bit as my vacation is looming….let’s hope that inspiration monkey doesn’t die or run away!

A good reference is worth its weight in gold….so, just be sure to save them all to a safe place. Especially if you are like me and get a lot of inspiration from going back through reams of old photos!



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