Mind Over Matter ~ How About Some SNOW?!!

I know, I know! Some of you just LOVE the heat! For the rest and for myself, with all my English blood and having lived here in Pennsylvania, USA for over 20 years now, I have to have my official moan about the intense heat and humidity we are having right now!

When my brain has been functioning ever so slightly and not fantasizing about swimming pools, the ocean and the top of Mt Everest, I have been trying to do some art. But seriously – unless I get on with it first thing in the morning, it’s just been so hard to get going with it lately. With me, heat creates something that ranges between mild grumpiness and lethargy all the way through to downright evil bad temper and insanity and it is not at all conducive towards artistic productivity. I have learned to live with it, somewhat, and I am blessed to live in a house that has air conditioning and I will say I have come a long way from the first couple of summers when I would just dissolve into a puddle of homesick tears as soon as the thermometer touched 80 degrees (f). But still……Summer is not my forte!

I have managed to do a couple of ‘live’ sessions with my daughter, this week and I did finish something I started in charcoal that is a minor sort of maybe something that someone I sort of know might like to put into their publication….and I dabbled around with my NuPastels and tried out a couple of other things….OK, maybe that does sound a bit productive after all.

But, honestly! The heat is dragging me down! How about you? Does the heat get to you? Do you work well when you feel too hot, or cold? Can you override it for a while or do you rearrange your working habits to accommodate? Do you just put down your brush and go to the beach?!

Here’s an older work of mine – Tyler State Park, in the snow! Please feel free to stare at it all you like and try to imagine that crisp, cold, air, and silent, muffled snow…..can you see your breath? Is the tip of your nose a bit red? …. I hope so!! Perhaps now would be a good time to get out some of my snowy references and see if those will help to get me going?!

I have been keeping this blog for SIX whole months now and I would like to just thank all who have supported it in every way ~ I have been having a lot of fun with it and I cannot even express the benefits I have had from having regular, arty, contact with all you lovely people ~ Thanks SO MUCH!! I really appreciate you ALL! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter ~ How About Some SNOW?!!

    1. Aw thanks Claudia! You are very kind! If you keep an eye on my blog you will see some more Tyler based art, sooner or later – as I am fond of taking little trips down there with my camera!

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  1. I had no idea that you are a transplant from England. Alright, I understand the struggle with the heat. I think that for years I complained about our dry heat but I think humidity is really hard. I remember going to the South in September and it was like walking in a sauna…..way too stifling. We have had a heat wave this week and it is hard to deal with. I like getting out in the morning and evening in between the heat. Your painting brings a bit of coolness to both our worlds. 🙂

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    1. Well, I do know what you are talking about with the California heat, Margaret, because I was there in August a couple of years ago – dry heat is very different and yes, easier to deal with. Last night we had a nice thunderstorm, so I am hopeful that I will be able to get outdoors today, at least for a while…Outdoor time that actually feels good always sets me straight! Yes, I married an American and moved over here almost 23 years ago now…..If you watch my spelling in my blog posts, you might notice that I tend to spell in both US and UK English! (and my grammar is all over the place!). Glad you enjoyed my SNOW!

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  2. Heat = creative challenge of the highest order. We’ve been in the high 20s/low 30s (C) for the last couple of weeks; I know that would be a mere bagatelle for the US heat-weary, but for Brits who rarely see the sun it’s been a massive shock resulting in a struggle to get anything done – just not used to it at all. Feeling your pain! Love this cool picture though… 🙂

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    1. Ah Rebecca, so happy you enjoyed my snowy picture (I LOVE snow, having had a mostly snow deprived childhood in Cambridgeshire, UK). How well I know what those kind of temperatures can do to Brits! Funny thing is, every time we visit the UK, lately, you guys are ALWAYS in the middle of a heatwave!! and I, personally, am fine with 82f in the daytime, because mostly, it is not nearly as humid as here – BUT – trying to sleep at night in an un-airconditioned British house, well, it always takes me right back to those sweaty nights of my childhood! Please make sure to tell it to cool off before I fly in next month 🙂

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