Everyone Should Play!

This is something I firmly believe applies to art and the doing thereof.  “They” say that kids should be allowed to play because that is how they learn….well, so should adults, but we don’t necessarily like to call it ‘play’, do we? And, so to do adults learn whilst they play.  The term ‘play’ could be used synonymously with the term, ‘experiencing enjoyment’. We all need to experience enjoyment doing the things we love, we all need to play!

This week, after a short spell of non-art doing (which often follows a period of rather intense challenge, for me) I cleaned up my art room and then I set about playing with some of the new art supplies I ordered from the Dick Blick catalog.

The picture above is the result of me playing with Panpastels – These rather unique pressed powder pastels are made in Kutztown, Pennsylvania – just 1 1/2 hours drive from my house just North of Philly. I got myself a basic starter set of 5 colors, which comes with a couple of ‘tools’ one of which is a finger shaped piece of rubbery stuff and the other is like an eye shadow applicator. That’s what it is like – painting with eye shadow! The colors are highly saturated and there is very little dust AND the other thing that is very interesting to me is that you can erase them, completely and entirely, with a vinyl eraser. Very fun indeed and it looks like they could be very useful for clouds and anything really that requires no huge amount of detail and some very soft blending….I shall continue to explore and have FUN and report back later!

Don’t forget to play and have fun with your art!


3 thoughts on “Everyone Should Play!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Jill! and Yes, I agree, these Pan pastels are really fun! Maybe part of it is that it takes us back to our childhood and finger painting? Do you have much experience with the various tools you can get for them? Are they worth the investment do you think? 🙂

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      1. Hmm, I think I got some of the tools but think inexpensive make-up sponges work well. I have also found some success with Kleenx as long as I dab it on and don’t rub it. I do think it reminds me of finger painting as a child. 😊 I also like how soft they are and such luscious colors! 🎨

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