Artistic Collaboration

The girl on the left is one of last weeks faces from my Face a Day May challenge. I am still going with that challenge, but decided not to post about it this week and instead wait until the end of the month, which is only in 5 days time!!

Anyway, this girl’s story is that she began as an experimentation with my recently acquired Sennelier Pastels a’l’Ecu. I left her sitting around in my art studio, looking a bit forlorn…..and then…a couple of days ago, my 15 year old daughter told me she’d been looking at this girl and felt sorry for ‘her doinky face’ and was it ok, Mum, if she had a go at fixing her?! Having no particular attachment to this piece, I said, ‘sure’.  My dear daughter is well known for her on and off doing of art and I tend to jump on any opportunity to encourage her to DO some.

So, she picked up those dusty little sticks and set to and out came this cute face!! She shaded the hair as a brown, single tone, lump, so then, of course, I just HAD to have a go at the hair myself.

Now we both feel that girl is doing a whole lot better! I think we should BOTH sign it, don’t you??

Short post today, it IS Memorial Day Weekend, here in the US, after all – Happy Weekend, to you, folks, Memorial Day and otherwise! 🙂


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