Face a Day May: Episode 3

I’m still going with my challenge to draw or paint a portrait a day for the whole of this month! Still going….somehow!

This week was a busy one in other areas of my life. Doctors appointments, Orthodontist, a Keystone Exam for my daughter (Algebra 1, two mornings in a row….YIKES!) I have three kids who are home schooling – Cyber Schooling, to be exact. I like to call myself a “home school facilitator”, because that’s what I do – everything that allows it to happen and be successful.  Let’s just say that doing art is a part of keeping my sanity.  I have been really grateful for this sort of self-created reason to show up and do art, every single day, this week.

I often find the hardest part is choosing the subject, especially when I am tired. Tiredness makes me super picky.  Some faces are much more challenging than others and so I am on the look out for something that will suit the time I think I have to dedicate to the task that day. I always look for good lighting, a flattering angle and yes, variety, in my subjects.

A quick summary of this weeks efforts.

Saturday was the cute little girl with the hat and dark hair. Water color with a pencil under-drawing. I really had fun with the loose flowers and grasses in the background.

Sunday; a sleeping baby’s face. I am so drawn to newborns and young babies. Some artists would rather run a mile than try to get a likeness of a newborn, but I am a mother of three and part of me wishes I had some really rocking photos of my own offspring to work from – but I was only drawing faces with my eyes, back then and not really responsible for the photography, either!

Monday and Tuesday; a two in one picture, a bride on Monday, followed by her new hubby, in Sepia. White chalk and Sepia on toned tan paper. This one was a first because I have never attempted to work from a vintage photo before. Don’t know who they are – random people on  https://pixabay.com/ . It turned out quite well, I think. There is a certain smoothness to the skin on these antique photos that is very flattering to their subjects but takes a certain amount of very delicate blending with a paper stump to replicate.

Wednesday is a self-portrait – just a short session in charcoal in front of the mirror. I am trying to psyche myself up to do a longer version, maybe a painting, even.

Thursday, I picked the older guy with the moustache. He was beautifully lit, with an interesting face – lines and wrinkles, weathered and deeply thoughtful expression. I started in pencil as the under-drawing and then water colours….This one was hard to put down and I spent a whopping two hours completely engrossed and in ‘the zone’.

Finally, today, Friday….just a quickie! 30 minutes of watercolor.I think I got the gist of this little girl, though I managed to age her quite a bit. It is hard to get more than the gist of anything in 30 minutes and I kind of wanted to keep going, but, I had to go out to the supermarket and do some Friday afternoon kind of errands.

That’s it folks!

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m REALLY looking forward to doing some ART tomorrow!!!


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