Face a Day May

Seems to be a bit of a ‘thing’ with us arty folks….doing challenges. I couldn’t find one that I fancied, so, I invented my own – “Face a Day May”. The object of the game is to show up each day and draw or paint a face, any face at all, any medium, any time span taken to do it and then post it up somewhere on social media.  I have been posting each one, the day after it was done, on Facebook.

So, for blogging purposes, I decided to post my pictures in chunks, as they are done. I do not want to post on Facebook, the art forum I belong to and here on my blog….Every Day!!! That would probably kill me!

The point is to get myself to do more art and especially faces, which are one of my favourite themes, and to have fun with it! (and of course, give myself a good regular dose of time in “The Zone”!

As you can see above, I have, so far, managed to do one a day for the 5 days of May that we have had. I am trying to not be too ‘samey’ about it, and try different mediums, different types of faces.

So far I have done two in water-colour – a medium which I mostly only use when I am on vacation. It’s quick and effective and clean up is minimal. I only have a tiny plein aire box with 12 colors and two brushes, one of which is one of those ones that hold their own water in the barrel.

A couple of the faces were more like the type I do in gesture practice, chalk and charcoal on toned pastel paper. One was on a putrid pink paper…..just to use it up!!

Four faces used references from Pixabay, the site I like to go to for copywrite free references.  I just go there and punch in a fairly off the cuff, random search word, like “Kids faces”, “Pensive”, “Laughing face”. It’s fun to see what shows up and I have to watch myself not to become too picky when choosing as that wastes my precious art time!

One face I did direct from my imagination – just to see what came out and well, all I can say is that it was, weird, gender neutral, sort of ageless and not very convincingly real….Is this the sum of my memorized technical knowledge I wonder??

Anyway, I’m having FUN with this challenge, so far! It doesn’t feel like a chore, though sometimes I’m not all that willing to show the results to other people! Will I be so happy about this particular challenge by this time next week? Hmm, we shall see! I do really like how productive it makes me feel, too – that aspect is AWESOME!

What challenges have you given yourself lately, and how was it? Did you manage to complete the whole thing? Did you learn and improve from it? Do you think popular challenges are more fun because they are, well, popular? Or are you someone who likes to taylor make your challenges to suit yourself??

As always, your thoughts and comments are most welcome!



9 thoughts on “Face a Day May

    1. Have you ever been inspired to have a go at them yourself rubiescorner? I have been doing portraiture for a while, but, I know I have a lot to learn! I love it too, though and I wish I had “a wonderful artist” to learn from 😉

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      1. I have drawn portraits on my own through the art on the computer. At times I would draw students when I taught school. It takes time. My dad was the expert. He coached me for two years in art. I haven’t had much formal training. I believe reading about art is good, but actually painting is a lesson in itself. Smile. Practice does not make perfect if you don’t have the training. My father had painted for 40 years before he gave me lessons. His lessons were to watch me paint what I saw from a photo, or a picture. I did, and at times he would comment if I asked for help. I have much to learn, but art rubs off if you observe it.


      2. He’s in Heaven with Mom. He drew to illustrate Bible stories on television. He was on several channels. I believe he was talented but couldn’t go far with the talent. He tried courses at a University, but he quit. He didn’t like what they were requesting him to do. My father was a godly man.

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      3. Aw, he sounds lovely, rubiescorner! (My dear Dad is in heaven too – I imagine him building beautiful woodwork as his main ‘thing’ was carpentry. Maybe YOUR Dad is painting angelic portraits!!) Hope some of his talent got passed on to YOU!!!

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      4. I have some talent. I have not been formerly trained in art like my sister was. She was the baby of us girls. Her talent was apparent before she entered First Grade. After she died, I took up art because I was grieving. I needed to get over her death. As I grieved, the Lord spoke one day. “Come out into the light, and stop grieving.” I did, and I have painted since.

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  1. As to projects, I paint flowers. I painted one several times this week. Finally I drew it on my blog. Flowers are intricately made, and this means it takes time to perfect them on a canvas. I usually keep the flower I work on in the refrigerator. This way it gives me time to paint it.


    1. That’s a great tip, putting the flower in the refrigerator! I have painted a few flowers, myself, from time to time…I love how flowers are all unique, even though they look similar at first glance 🙂

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