A Flower Behind the Ear.

That’s really what we all need in life, a flower behind our ear – to make us feel pretty! I’m calling this wise old lady done and moving on to other things. I could work at it for longer, but, I know I have a tendency to be ‘tight’ in my work and I actually kind of like the fact the green Shizen Paper peeks through in places.  Shizen has been awesome for depicting soft skin as a texture and this one has helped me get to know the capabilities of my small box of Faber-Castell Pastels, Stabilo Carb Othello Pastel Pencils and how to give a touch here and there of my newly acquired Sennelier Pastels (so, so, soft and oh so, so, intense!) Thanks to Pixabay for the reference…that site has been a treasure trove for me, lately, and I like to go and put in whatever idea pops into my head and see what it gives me…the search terms I used to find this one was “wise faces”.

About that Auction I mentioned a couple of weeks ago – it is now well underway and runs until April 15th…..Here’s the link, for anyone who is curious!  Some mysterious person has kindly BID on one of my pictures – so I’m definitely feeling pleased about that!! There are some lovely items, artworks and services on there, not to mention vacations and Nepali artifacts.  I hope it raises some serious cash for the Orphanage!


I’m starting to feel the urge to get back to my explorations in skin tones….could be time to pick up where I left off a little over a month ago? …..Maybe….Or should I pay attention to that girl with a lantern who started to wander through my mind again, recently….?

Thanks for listening! I hope spring is coming to wherever you are reading this from! Everything looks so much more inspiring when bathed in warm sunlight – N’est pas?



8 thoughts on “A Flower Behind the Ear.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Margaret! Means a lot to me! Shizen paper is handmade in India and it has what I can only describe as a very soft tooth – it holds on to the pigment in a way I have not encountered before, though I suspect it is sort of like those super expensive ‘suaded’ surfaces (Colorfix Art-Spectrum?) It makes rendering skin SO easy, but, on the flip side, it is very hard to lift all traces of any mistakes off because of it.

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      1. Yes, this kind of green is wonderful for portraits! This one came from a multipack of 25 colors – I hope that Dick Blick has some of this color by itself….or that I can order it from somewhere else!

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      2. I have been trying to figure out what the name of that green is, Margaret! Trouble is there are several greens in that pack! I did find a list of the colors in it, somewhere online and I know it’s not Army Green or Dark Green, because they are the ones that Dick Blick sells by individual color….It could be just called “Green”!! But, since I can’t find anywhere that sells it by itself, it probably doesn’t matter. Personally, if I were going to name it myself, I would call it “Sap Green”!

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      3. Margaret, I sent Shizen an email about that green to find out if maybe they did do it in a pack of 5 (outside of Dick Blicks catalog) They sent me some info so I can now say the color is actually called DE -10, by them, but sadly, they do not produce it in a pack on its own at this time 😦 ah well, at least I tried!

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