So many ideas, so little time!

Since I got done with those two paintings I mentioned in previous posts (for the auction) I have had a definite urge to switch over to dry media and a slew of ideas of what to do next that has left me with the rather overwhelming feeling of a multitude of ideas that want to come out into the world and only so much time to do art in any given day!! (I AM homeschooling three kids and whatever your average person on the street imagines that might involve, that alone is a full time job!!)

Add to that the fact that I just recently acquired a box of Sennelier Soft Pastels and some Stabilio Pastel Pencils…..AND some Faber Castel Soft Pastels as well! Well, the result to this is that I have started a whole number of different pictures and finished nothing!

Actually, I think I have decided the view from my kitchen window is done…I did that so I could submit something to the art forum I belong too ( ) so they wouldn’t think I’d gone AWOL or something….

I notice that whenever I draw or paint faces, I like to take them to a point where they are well underway and develop the eyes quite well and then I put them down….. and they stare at me…beseeching me to pick them up and work on them some more! I think it’s a sort of subconscious trick to get myself to pick them back up again, later!

…and on that note I must go and either do what I’m supposed to be doing, or…..answer the sirens song of the old lady and the young girl………



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