Sneak Peek Number Two!

So here it is, the second painting I have been working on for the Loving Arms Mission Auction! I reached a definite stage this morning where I felt that if I did one more thing to it, it would probably be wrong – Sometimes this is a definite feeling, others, I just can’t stop myself from picking and picking at a picture. Anyway, it felt definite, so, I signed it, I downed tools, washed up my brushes and then, being Acrylic, it was pretty much dry and so I took it outside and took its picture a number of times, in sunlight and also bright shade (this one is the bright shade version…definitely cooler, but the colours are truer to life, I think) So, here it is! It still needs a coat or two of varnish and I may just wake up tomorrow and notice something that niggles at me with fresh eyes….but, all in all it is ready to frame and send off to the auction, with its sibling, the magnolia picture.  The auction opens on March 15th, I think, so, looks like I am just about done in time!

The subject here, for those of you who don’t know, is the same building as in the Magnolia picture, Bryn Athyn Cathedral, but a much closer view and in summer time.  The reference I used was kindly supplied by my photographer friend, Anita Halterman and what attracted me to it was the overall warm, sunlit feel of the warm stone and the touch of red supplied by the poppies.  I painted it on a canvas with a mid-tone of Yellow ochre, which seems to have done a good job of maintaining a warm, sunny, feel to it.  Then I used a fairly limeted palette of Ultramarine, Cad red, Cad yellow, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black and Titanium white….the purple ended up being Windsor Violet and Permanent Magenta, because the original mix I planned, Cad red and Ultramarine, turned out to be really muddy…. a strange bias due to a couple of tubes of paint that are made in China, I’m afraid! (I am currently phasing out all Windsor and Newton products that are made in China, because, well, they just make my life difficult!)

Hope you like it! I will post details of the auction for anyone who might be interested, when I know them myself – (Next week, maybe!) …….and now this special project is over, I am looking forward to getting back to my interrupted exploits with skin tones!



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