Feels like Spring!

Today, here in Pennsylvania, it has been feeling like Spring has arrived! The morning began, shrouded in quite pronounced mist, for us, at least( though I can’t say the part of myself that is Cantabrigian was overly impressed by it, however…not the thick, soupy, 9ft in front of you, muffled, cloud on the ground of my youth, I assure you!)

Mist gave way to sunshine, birds sang and the temperature climbed into the mid 70’s (f) The Ground Hog is wrong, this year, no six more weeks of winter for us….Spring is here with all its crocus, snowdrops and haze of reddish leaf buds on the trees….soon to erupt in fresh green growth, tree blossoms, daffodils and suchlike….it can come on very fast when it’s mind is made up, here in PA.

Makes me want to garden and go adventuring in our local State Park – Tyler State Park, to be exact……That’s what these three pictures at the top are all from, a certain spot on the nature trail in the aforementioned State Park, two in summer and one in winter, all in Conte pencil on various pastel papers, blue, dark and white (In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t sit there in the snow, drawing (!) they are all from photographic references – the digital camera is my friend)….Really, what I need is to go and do one of the same spot, in Spring and then remember to do one in the Fall, and then I can complete the collection! …..another ongoing theme that I started! Perhaps I could go back here again and again, year after year, and produce many, many pictures of this same spot??? It always looks different, every time I go and I can vary it further by using different media and palettes – I may never get bored with it!


2 thoughts on “Feels like Spring!

  1. Great pictures Hilda. Know what you man not using your camera. It’s amazing at how we come with so many different pictures of the same spot but different season. Spring showed itself here earlier in the week, National Park Dartmoor, but it’s gone back to sleep again. It did warm up enough for the daffs to appear and snowdrops. Please please come back, I love spring so much. We have a place called Steps bridge, half mile down the road, old ancient hump back bridge with the river Teign flowing through, beautiful spot. People come from all over the country to see the daffodils, it’s quite a site and then the bluebells. Will have to send you some pics. Have a good day Hilda. Loving the blog.

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    1. Thank you, Annie – Yes please, I would love to see some photos of that spot you mention! It sounds wonderful and inspiring….We have been having such a warm week, here in Pennsylvania, spring is really coming on and I think that extra sun and warmth and the feeling of new life and growth just makes us humans feel so HAPPY, if we let it!


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