Today I am going to follow through on a resolve I made when I started this blog – to link it to Facebook when I reached 10 posts! Why do I have mixed feelings about attaching it to Facebook? Well – I dug around inside myself and I think it has to do with what we all know as the dark and yucky side of this social media site we love to hate.

I don’t publicize my artistic doings all that much, on facebook.  I actually only started doing it at all because some of my friends and family requested it and were encouraging and supportive of me doing it.  Really, I think it all boils down to needing to be supported and encouraged and not wanting the hollow praise, fake celebrity and popularity contest type stuff that often comes with anything you dare to say or post on there.

Maybe it’s just me – I am a steaming great introvert, after all, and showing a piece of my work to anyone, especially people I don’t know, feels like baring my soul, or putting up one of my kids and saying “How do you like this child of mine? What do you think of them??” …. I know, some of you laugh and say, “Grow a skin”, but, I can’t, won’t and don’t want too. I know I am not alone in feeling this way and part of my art journey has been discovering that it is also REALLY AWESOME to share my work with others and that others do not always know the right way to respond to someone’s artwork, but, they most often mean well and also, that those who conduct their life in an authentic way will always recognize it in someone else.

Anyway, if you are joining me from Facebook today – WELCOME! Pour yourself some tea of coffee and settle in to catch up on my witterings – I shall assume you are one of the many authentic, lovely, integritous, folks who touch on my life. Thanks for being YOU!

And without further ado, we shall return to the subject of Art……..

This week, I have taken on a new project, so I have not been giving much attention to my explorations in skin tones. This picture above is the one that is side by side on my easel with the one I said I would rescue and consists of a Burnt Sienna background that was pretty dilute and then a stronger Bistre on the darker areas of the face and hair.  I have to find myself a good slot of time to mix and figure out what skin tones I will use and put it all on my Sta-Wet Palette so I can do it in several layers or glazes (and perhaps a scumble or two) I will probably use some blending fluid to further inhibit drying and see how it goes.

No ‘rescuing’ has taken place on the other one,  this week, because….Well….. I just agreed to donate some work to the Loving Arms Mission Online Auction (For those of you who don’t know, The Loving Arms Mission is an Orphanage in Nepal, started by my husbands cousin, 10+ years ago) and set myself not quite a month to produce some fresh work, for that purpose! (I will give a link to the auction when it happens in about 1 month’s time in case anyone is interested in following it) There is nothing I like better than to promise to produce a piece of art to a deadline – it gets me going like nothing else, its scary and exciting and yes, I would not have agreed to do this one if I didn’t think I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to do for them and all I will say on this occasion is that it has to do with a very beautiful, local building, and, if I can at all do it justice, this should make a popular item for people to bid on………

Do any of you ever ‘Dare’ yourself to do stuff?!


6 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. I understand perfectly what you mean about “exposure” I have had qualms even with my blog when I first started out and sometimes a sense of dread comes over me when I post. I do link my blog on my Facebook timeline when I feel it is worthy and I have an inner “Oh My!” when I do. I know that I need exposure but often it makes me feel a little sick at the same time! Yes, I am an introvert and living rurally doesn’t help. I do draw a line on posting my work on watercolor sites on Facebook because I truly feel vulnerable and I wonder if everyone hits the like button without really considering what they are liking and since they don’t know me, it doesn’t seem that special. Anyway, just a few thoughts 🙂 So I understand how daunting it seems.


    1. Thank you Margaret ~ I can tell you know EXACTLY what I am getting at here! and yes, I hear you about the watercolor sites on fb – I feel the same way about the very popular Portrait and Figurative Artists Facebook page…though I HAVE also met a few really lovely people on there, it was mostly when it was much, much, smaller.

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  2. This is so interesting… I don’t Facebook my blog posts, mainly because lots of my Facebook contacts don’t know about the secret ‘art’ side of my life. I don’t think I want to expose that soft underbelly yet! Good luck, I hope it’s an entirely positive experience. 🙂

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    1. I have been exactly there, Rebecca! I was extremely private about my art, for a long time…especially when I first began to seriously restart my journey as an adult (about 2009) – I could barely get myself to share with family members, never mind anyone I didn’t know…It does get easier as I progress, and I am definitely more confident about the idea that maybe, just maybe, someone will actually enjoy my work, but, I AM always really having to MAKE myself do it and I do, quite often, find myself sitting on a piece of work and not showing because I am in some way dissatisfied with it and insecure….as far as facebook goes, I figure if I feel it is too much, then I will turn it off again and facebook will soon forget about me 🙂

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      1. Wise words! Somehow it’s easier to be seen, warts and all, on the blog than where people know you. I like seeing your pictures, so I’m sure others will, whether they’re ‘arty’ types or not. 🙂

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