Sometimes its fun to try to rescue stuff!

This is a practice piece that is sitting on my easel right now – side by side with another one that is a few stages behind it.  I don’t know why but I often like to work on several paintings at once – I often find myself picking them up and then almost as quickly putting them down to dry or sometimes because they are driving me nuts in some way! I think its because sometimes I go into my art room and I just want an easy deal, other times I am ready to take on the world!

This one was barely started before Christmas, and then put down to make way for various Christmas gift projects and so it sat, for quite a while….and it was unlucky enough to be put down when it was at a really awkward and beginning kind of stage and so, it just looked so unencourageing.  So now, the only way I have persuaded myself to pick it up is to start in on a new one and work them, side by side. I’ll put the new one up next time – that one is going quite well, so far, and I’m definitely doing that one to keep myself encouraged enough that I have the strength to wrestle with this one!

What is wrong with it? I hear you ask….Well, mainly it just looked only vaguely like a person and the hair looked crazy.  It’s the result of some rather sloppy experimentation with dark backgrounds and a very brightly lit figure.  When I say sloppy, I mean I didn’t really plan my palette and I kind of mixed a little of this and a little of that, and I mixed it on a regular, white plastic palette and mixed in tiny amounts and didn’t try too hard to get the perfect colour……that kind of thing and also, really, I’ve just forgotten what my reasons were for doing what I did do?!………

So, now I am trying to revive and rescue it…so far I have dulled down the flamingly red hair with a dose of Ivory black and darkened the background to a kind of green and I added some flesh tones, but, they are way, way out of wack because, well, I left her face completely white, too white, much too white!!!  But wait? It’s just practice….right?!!! Yes, rescuing it and trying to make it good would definitely be the right thing to do!


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