Looking forwards, looking back….

At this point in time, I have a fairly good stash of old work, lurking in my art room.  I have always been a keeper of old work – somehow I can never bring myself to throw it out – not even the stuff that has doinky mistakes in it that stand out so starkly to my more practised eye, (especially years down the road). At this time of year, besides looking forward and making new resolutions about my art journey, I also like to look back and dig around in my storage areas and the file on my computer that I like to keep ‘good’ digital copies of any significant work in.  Imagine my joy when I reached the point that I actually found out that it is GOOD to keep old work and not, after all, just some weird art hoarding kind of sickness that I should in fact try to eradicate. Looking at my old work, in particular, and going back only to the point where I made a conscious decision that I was going to put my effort mostly into the subject matter of portraiture and figurative drawing (about 2009ish), I can split my work into two definite categories – those that are definitely doinky, awkward, beginnerish steps, and those that to this day, I just feel they have some indefinable thing that makes them ‘right’ just as they are. I guess really it’s just me and my emotive response to some of these things I have created, but, nonetheless, it’s interesting.  This picture, above, is an example of the latter – probably never will make it to a frame, lives in a dark storage folder, but, every time I pull it out, my heart gives a little flip-flop and I will keep it ~ forever.


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