Practice, practice, practice

Yes folks, that’s what its all about! diligent application of oneself to actually doing art. Not glamorous, but totally essential and, if your heart is in it, actually pretty darn zoney! Today I am feeding my inner portrait/figureatist self with a good old session on a wonderful site I know called “line of action” (this site has been running for a number of years now but up until recently used to be called “Pixelovely”.  Great place to go for a quick gesture session, great learning tool, has its own forum and critique section, also great for faces, animals, hands and feet. All you need is a pencil and paper and off you go, tailor your class to suit your time and do remember to keep it all so you can see your progress over time. Personally I favour toned tan paper and sepia and white chalk pencil – to me, that’s the fastest way to get a satisfying, tonal, result.

What’s your favourite way to practice/self teach???


3 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice

  1. I love this drawing. You’ve definitely got the proportions right, and I know how challenging that can be. I have gray toned paper. I might use that with my charcoal — and white charcoal — for a few “Line of Action” drawings. You’ve inspired me!


    1. Thanks Judith! Happy to help you get inspired! If I remember correctly, this one took me five or ten minutes….I am often much more wildly inacurate with what I do in 30 seconds! (My fave model on line of action is the woman with the flowing hair and the sheet)

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      1. I did a few 30-second drawings there yesterday. I don’t remember the lady with the sheet. I was interrupted so I didn’t stay long at the site, but I certainly did enjoy the drawing practice. If I can get the essential “line” of the body in 30 seconds, I feel I’ve accomplished something.

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