Seasonal Inspiration

In recent years I have started to notice a growing fascination in my art, around this time of year, for SNOW!! Can’t get enough of it – I put it down to a childhood that was largely deprived of the stuff, in East Anglia, UK – a couple of inches was considered a big deal and 6 inches, practically unheard of! The whole country would grind to a halt after a decent snowfall! Here in the part of the  US that I call home, Pennsylvania, snow is a pretty regular occurence and it never ceases to amaze me how it transforms the familiar world into a sparkling wonderland of blue and purple shadows and outlined trees.

Last winter, at around this time, we had a good, deep, fall and I took the opportunity to go down to our local State park with my hubby and a decent camera, to gather photographic references.  These led to my first real batch of snow drawings, mostly conte pencil on pastel paper, in various shades of blue.  Put all that down as Spring arrived, with its bluebell woods and fresh green leaves…but now, the urge to do justice to a world of white has returned and this time I find myself favouring acrylic paint as my medium of choice…….


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