Is this my second post?

So here I am again, having my daily wrestle with this thing! I will have to come back again and again until it starts to make sense to me.  I have made a plan to only work on this blog later in the day, because if I jump into it right after breakfast – that’s all I do – wrestle with it for hours! Today, instead of blogwrestle, I made my last picture for 2016 – an ATC card for a friend.  At least I think, maybe, I will give it to her, I might actually be satisfied with this one. Maybe I will post it on here at a later date? Not before she has recieved it, though! For anyone who does not know, an ATC is an “Artists Trading Card”, or, a very small piece of original art 3.5″ x 2.5″ that some artists trade with each other.  The idea is to get lots of little masterpieces in exchange for giving out your own….there are even HUGE websites, dedicated to this pastime for artists and creative folks, it has been around for quite a few years, apparently.  I am not doing it for one of those sites, though, just with my friends on that tiny, super friendly and supportive corner of the internet called the JWJ Art Forum.


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