First blog post

I have started this blog because it is something that has been niggling away at me for a long time and I have been constantly procrastinating about it because as an artist I always think, “the next one will be better” and so with creating a website, “next week will be better, next month, tomorrow…….I need more ‘good’ examples of my work, I need to practice more….and so on – Procrastination.   I hope it will be good for me and my art to put it out there and share it with others. (I hope the internet does not eat my brain and kill the art inspiration monkey!)  An art book called “Daily Painting”, pushed me over the edge to do it.

I actually wrote a totally different first blog post, but, when I came back it had disappeared, so, this one is a slightly different thought on a different day and hopefully I have figured out how to make it permanent this time!

The picture? Well, this is the second version of something I did for my Sister-in-law, last Christmas, entitled, “The Time They Met”.  It is of my niece and her Great Grandma on the only occasion they met, in California, a few years ago – Great Grandma passed away shortly after.  I made this second version for my Mother-in-law, for Christmas (Great Grandma is her Mom). This one is in Conte Pencil on La Carte pastelboard and about 16″x 20″ ….. strange, deja vu kind of feeling, doing the same picture 1 year later…..nice kind of strange – but, I don’t feel as if I want to do a third one!


5 thoughts on “First blog post

    1. Thank you for your kind words Margaret. I think we share some common artistic ground, so I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your work, here in blog land! Please feel free to visit me here, also, whenever you like – I’m hoping that after a while I will become more expert at posting and avoid having this blog eat all my ‘art time’……..

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